Landscape of Hate  was performed in Montreal at COOP Katacombes on June 22, as part of the Concordia University Interdisciplinary Summer Institute.

Facebook event here.

Concordia University Interdisciplinary Summer Institute (CUISI) offered an intense week-long (3-credit) interdisciplinary course/seminar for advanced Masters and PhD students on topics that are highly influential in today’s societies.

Instructional objectives:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the multifaceted nature of hate, hate speech and pluralistic dialogues through discussions and debates with interdisciplinary experts
  • Examine linguistic structures pertaining to hate speech in online fora by using multi-method analytical tools
  • Develop guidelines (policy, curricular, or otherwise) for the design of programs (online or offline) that promote inclusivity and pluralism
  • Co-create counter-narratives to hateful ideologies by using text, audio and visual materials
  • Reflect critically on how to encourage pluralism within “echo chambers”

The 2018 Institute included the following activities:

  • Lectures, debates and discussions with experts from the fields of religion, media studies, art, philosophy, law, criminology, sociology, education, research-creation, consumer culture, psychology, data analytics and more!
  • Workshops with methodology experts in linguistic analysis and natural language processing
  • Creative manipulation of multimedia to build visual materials and soundscapes which will ultimately be used in an Institute-closing Landscape of Hate performance