Landscape of Hate was invited to perform in Bergen on May 26, 2018 as part of Festspillene i Bergen. On May 24 and 25, members of Landscape of Hate and experts in media literacy and art education  conducted workshops with members of Høgskolen in Vestlandet to create multimedia material, visual art and soundscapes which were used in the performance on the 26th.

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Landscape of Hate is a multimedia project that has set the high goal of promoting and encouraging the public voice, in a time and reality where revenge pornography, online bullying and hate speech have become commonplace. The project is influenced by a multitude of dialogues that address how different forms of hatred can be overcome.

Video of panel was produced by Festspillene i Bergen.

Video of Bergen performance was produced by Festspillene i Bergen.

The first Landscape of Hate events took place in Canada last year (in Montreal and Quebec), and combined debates and art exhibitions with improvisation-based concert performances. Here, electronic original compositions are mixed with sound samples, content from social media, soundscapes and video projections. The raw material is data obtained from the open internet, research interviews and other public sources, and is unique to each performance.

At the Festival in Bergen, the Landscape of Hate team, in collaboration with Høgskolen in Vestlandet, held a two-day workshop to create multimedia material, visual art and soundscapes used in the performance itself. There was also be an art exhibition featuring cartoons from Norwegian-Danish-Eritrean Josef Yohannes and his The Urban Legend – the world’s first African superhero in comic book form – and the Canadian project Learning to Hate, created by Jason Wallin and Jessie Beier.

The evening began with a discussion led by Landscape of Hate creator Vivek Venkatesh, who also works on the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism as a UNESCO co-Chair. The panel was the cartoonist Josef Yohannes, the Danish human rights and internet activist Emma Holten and Canadian ambassador to Norway, Artur Wilczynski.