Halka is a musical project born from several years of artistic collaboration between Vivek Venkatesh, David Hall, Owen Chapman, and Norwegian progressive metal legend Enslaved’s co-founder Ivar Bjørnson.

Read about their 2 nights of performances at the St Jax Church, Montreal on 14-15 October 2022. They were joined by Jessie Beier, Annabelle Brault, Danji Buck-Moore, José-Luis Cortés Santander, Martin Lalonde, and Veronica Florence Mockler for a sound and multimedia performance. Special guests of the show included Leila Abdul-Rauf and Le Monastère Cabaret de Cirque.

Image credits: Youth Documentary Interns Hunnayna Hemed, Kendra McDonald, Kaymarie Sutherland

Halka means gentle and subtle in Urdu. Through Halka, we explore the ethos of slow and purposeful creation. What does it mean to be gentle in the face of harshness? How lightly do we need to be to float and yet feel anchored?