On February 18 there was a special screening of 30 minutes of footage from the documentary “Enslaved 25: The Early Years” as well as a panel with executive producers Ivar Bjornson and Grutle Kjellson moderated by directors Vivek Venkatesh and David Hall. Facebook event here.
Directors Vivek Venkatesh from Grimposium and David Hall from Uneasy Sleeper are honoured to collaborate with their friends in Enslaved in creating their official biopic Enslaved 25. In a joint statement Vivek and David say “our partnership with Enslaved is a reflection of our shared artistic and ideological sensibilities which promote forward-thinking and progressive art. Enslaved embodies a singular vision that does not shy away from experimentation and yet remains firmly grounded in a celebration of heavy music. We can’t wait to share the biopic with fans of Enslaved, and in Montreal, we will screen the first 30 minutes of the film which focuses on the genesis of the band and its early years.” Ivar Bjørnson, founder of Enslaved adds “Canada and Norway have so much in common beyond the long, icy and cold winters, and this collaboration with Vivek and David is another chapter in a long history of Nordic collaborative artistic outputs. We are thrilled to bring this exclusive screening of The Early Years to Montreal where my brother-in-arms Grutle Kjellson and I will participate in an intimate panel session before the screening. Hope to see as many of you Enslaved fans there as possible!”

 Enslaved 25 trailer

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