The Blekkmetal Film was screened in Montreal on August 4 at 13h00 at Concordia University FG5.345 – 1610 Rue Ste Catherine. Grimposium presented a special screening of The Blekkmetal Film as part of the Doomed to Death Academic Symposium.

Unfortunately, Jason Netherton, Mark Kloeppel and the rest of Misery Index were stuck in Frankfurt and could only arrive in Montreal in the early evening of August 4, so the Academic Symposium featured talks by Daniel Butler of Vastum, as well as Lee Mellor of Concordia University and Vivek Venkatesh of Grimposium. Then we screened The Blekkmetal Film – it was a RARE opportunity!

Mark Kloeppel and Jason Netherton spoke about their research later that evening during the industry panel in VA114 cinema (1395 René Levesque West) before the Death by Metal screening. They were disappointed to miss the afternoon event but it was out of anyone’s control.