Grimposium 360: The Sign of An Open Eye took place on April 14 in Brooklyn, New York at at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP.

Grimposium 360 banner

Bardspec promo video.

Taake – “Myr” live at Blekkmetal festival 2015. Outtake from the upcoming documentary Blekkmetal – presented by Grimposium and Uneasy Sleeper.

Outtake footage from inaugural performance of Gaahls Wyrd
From the forthcoming documentary film Blekkmetal – Presented by Grimposium and Uneasy Sleeper. Audio and video footage captured by David Hall, Vivek Venkatesh, Jason Wallin and Owen Chapman. Directed and edited by David Hall

Enslaved performing Jotunblod from the Blekkmetal documentary.

Blekkmetal documentary teaser trailer.